As an old Perisan proverb says:

"What comes from the heart will go through the hearts"

That's My story!

" I'm a Persian girl who adores rugs and enjoys computer science (The image above is AI generated ;) )." These may not appear to be the most aligned traits, yet they are exactly what lead me to create here.

You know when it come to rugs,  I don't only like and appreciate them. I see them differently. I feel their colors, comprehend their patterns, and am awestruck by each and every hand knotted rug made. Can you believe that such a work of art is made up of thousands of hand-crafted knots? and, even more impressively, improvising a pattern?

In recent years, I have been concerned about the state of the rug industry and weaving skills. Most people across the world have no idea how to tell a handwoven rug from a machine-made one; they also have little awareness of the culture behind every kind of rug and the effort required to weave each one; if they did, they would realize how precious they are. Here, I want to assist in what I'm caring for by combining my cultural knowledge of rugs and my engineering skills to present you with solutions to solely discover more about rugs.

Zahra Seyd

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