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"What comes from the heart will go through the hearts"

Rugswise's creator says:

" I'm a Persian girl who adores rugs. My early memories of Persian rugs likely have to do with the times I spent as a child at my grandparents' home. I still recall the image where the sunrays shone on the ruby rug in their living room; it felt so inviting and warm.

As for my deep passion in rugs, I'm not sure where they came from, but in Iran, every house has a wonderful rug decorating it, it is absolutely an inseparable part of the culture.

But, when it comes to rugs, I don't only like and appreciate them. I see them differently. I feel their colors, comprehend their patterns, and am awestruck by each and every hand knotted rug made. Can you believe that such a work of art is made up of thousands of hand-crafted knots? and, even more impressively, improvising a pattern?

The reason I created this space is to play a role in preserving of the Persian carpet weaving culture and support the hands that craft authentically. I want everyone to realize its worth and the effort that has gone into it. "

- Zahra S.

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